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Solar Geyser - Main features are
  • Meet the new stringent MNRE specifications.
  • Designed to give 60 degree celcius in winters.
  • Highly efficient evacuated tube collector.
  • Stainless Steel SS 304, 0.8 mm thick water storage tank.
  • Water storage tank insulated with high density inject puf to provide 48 hours storage.
  • Modular construction, resulting in easy addition in capacity for future requirememnts.
  • Hail-stone resistance of up to 25mm (1 Inch).
  • System life is 15 to 20 years.
  • Negligible maintenance.
  • No or very negligible running cost.
  • Can be installed in existing and as well as under construction housese/building.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Safe and environmental friendly.
  • World class technology at affordable price.
  • industrial Boilers can also be attached with Solar Geyser thereby saving expensive fuel.


Solar Hybrid Inverter / Solar Inverter - Main features are
  • Solar Hybrid saves electricity bills up to 50% and Solar Inverter saves electricity up to 100% in all seasons.
  • Solar Panels can also be fitted with any existing inverter.


Solar Street Light - Main features are
  • Easily installed and free to operate, solar street lights are a smart choice for Real Estate Developers who want to enhance the value of their property & colonies by installing Solar Energised Street Lights, which are latest in technology and uses absolute no electicity thereby saving a lot for Societies.
  • We have 6 Wt., 8 Wt., 9 Wt., 12 Wt., 18 Wt., 24 Wt., range of solar street lights.


Solar Fan - Main features are
  • Easily installed and fre to operate, Solar Fans are a Smart Choice for Homeowners who want to SAVE MONEY cooling home in summer. It can be directly connected to Solar Panel & Battery.